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Make a Donation

100% of all donations go to the care and feeding of the animals.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible.

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General Donation

General donations are used to help with the ongoing daily requirements at the Sanctuary. Things like food, vaccinations, flea/tick medications, bedding, etc.

No donation amount is too small!

Sponsor an Animal

Many of the animals arrive at the Sanctuary with urgent medical needs. Our veterinarians do extend us discounts, but medications and surgeries are still very expensive.

Consider sponsoring one of our animals to help with their care! Please call 563-340-6943 for our current critical care needs.

Following is a list of items always needed for the animals:


- 'Manna Pro' rabbit pellets from Theissen's

- Timothy hay

- 'Wild Harvest' or 'Small World' guinea pig food

- Romaine lettuce (not iceberg)

- Fresh kale, collard greens and parsley

- Bananas, seedless grapes, apples

- Carrots, yellow or orange bell peppers

- 'Kaytee' chinchilla food

- Cockatiel bird seed

- Bearded Dragon pellets (from a pet shop)

- Turtle and tortoise food (Aquatic Environments)

- Freeze-dried crickets and meal worms

- Poultry feed pellets or cracked corn or oats (Farm & Fleet)

Bedding and litter:

- 'Carefresh' brand natural pet bedding

- 'Guardian' pine shavings (Farm & Fleet)

- Cedar bedding (Farm & Fleet)

- 'Tidy Cat' clumping litter

Other things also appreciated:

- Gift Certificate @

- Paper towels

- Vinegar

-laundry detergent (HE)

- Dryer sheets

- Gift cards from Farm and Fleet, WalMart, Theissen's or Teske's

- Gift certificates at Bejaze Animal Hospital in DeWitt or Care Animal Center in Davenport or Walcott Veterinary Clinic

- Gasoline cards

If you have questions about any items listed above, please call:


Search the web and raise a penny for

Down By the Creek each time!  

Go to "" to sign up and every time you use Goodsearch to do an internet search or Goodshop to purchase items online, a donation will be made to Down By the Creek.

It costs you nothing!